Algolaser Alpha vs. Ortur LM3 Which Is Right For You?

In the realm of laser engraving technology, the AlgoLaser Alpha 22W Diode Laser Engraver emerges as a formidable tool that captures the imagination of artists, craftsmen, and professionals alike. Its innovative features, powerful performance, and versatility have positioned it as a go-to choice for those seeking to bring their creative visions to life. In this extensive guide, we will embark on a journey to explore the world of the AlgoLaser Alpha 22W Diode Laser Engraver, diving deep into its technology, capabilities, unique selling points, and the benefits it offers to users.

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1. What is Diode Laser Engraving Technology?

Before delving into the wonders of the AlgoLaser Alpha 22W, it's imperative to understand the underlying technology. Diode laser engraving technology is a versatile method of etching and cutting materials using a high-powered diode laser. Unlike traditional CO2 lasers, diode lasers are compact and energy-efficient, offering precise results. This technology is widely used for engraving and cutting various materials, from wood and acrylic to metals and leather.

The AlgoLaser Alpha leverages second-generation COS (Combined Optics System) technology to enhance laser performance. This technology compresses laser spots from a rectangular shape to a nearly 1:1 square ratio, achieving a 40% improvement in laser beam performance. It offers remarkable precision, enabling intricate designs and precise cuts, making it an ideal choice for artistic and DIY projects.

2. The Creative Canvas: Benefits, Artistic Creation, and DIY Designs

Diode laser engraving technology brings a multitude of benefits to users, transforming artistic visions into tangible creations:

Precision and Detail

Diode lasers offer high precision, allowing for intricate designs and fine details in engravings. This precision empowers artists and creators to bring their visions to life with remarkable accuracy.


Diode lasers can engrave and cut a wide range of materials, including wood, acrylic, glass, leather, and some metals. This versatility opens doors to diverse creative possibilities.

Speed and Efficiency

Known for their rapid engraving and cutting speeds, diode lasers make projects time-efficient, reducing production times.

Low Maintenance

Diode lasers have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance than other laser technologies, resulting in reduced downtime and operational costs.


Many diode laser engravers, including the Alpha 22W, are user-friendly, making them accessible to both beginners and experts.

DIY Designs

DIY enthusiasts can create customized gifts, home decor, and personalized items using diode laser technology. From engraved gifts to intricate decorations, the possibilities are endless.

The AlgoLaser Alpha 22W embraces these benefits, offering a creative canvas for artists, craftsmen, and DIY enthusiasts to explore their artistic potential.

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3. Alpha vs. OLM3: Unraveling the Parameter Data

Before we dive into the analysis, here’s a quick general comparison of the two types of laser engraving machines, just to give you an idea of how they differ:







Laser Power



Laser Spot Size

0.16*0.14mm 100% Power

0.06*0.05mm 30% Power


Laser Wavelength



Focal Length



Laser Head Life Expectancy

>10000 hours

10000 hours 

Max Engraving Speed



Focus Mode



Machine Power



Power Supply



Working Area


400*380 mm 

Offline Engraving


Automatic Air Assist


Software Supported


/AlgoLaser App


/Laser Explorer 

Through data comparison of two laser engraving machines,the advantages of the Algolaser Alpha when compared to the Ortur LM3, establishing it as a more cost-effective choice in the laser engraving industry.

First and foremost, the Algolaser Alpha stands out with its price advantage, being $300 cheaper than its Ortur LM3 counterpart. This cost savings makes it an attractive option for individuals or businesses seeking cost-effective laser engraving solutions.

Additionally, the Algolaser Alpha boasts powerful attributes. It exhibits high power, leading to enhanced efficiency and quicker engraving speeds. This translates to accelerated project completion and increased productivity, making it an appealing choice for users requiring efficient laser engraving capabilities.

Furthermore, the Algolaser Alpha delivers more detailed engravings, courtesy of its smaller laser spot size. This precision is pivotal for tasks that necessitate intricate and fine detailing.

The machine also features a larger engraving working area, providing users with increased flexibility in accommodating various materials and design sizes.

Notably, the Algolaser Alpha is equipped with automatic air assist, featuring a built-in air pump that eliminates the need for additional air pump purchases. This not only streamlines the engraving process but also saves on costs.

In conclusion, the Algolaser Alpha, with its competitive pricing, impressive power, detailed engravings, expanded working area, and cost-saving automatic air assist, establishes itself as a highly cost-effective choice compared to the Ortur LM3 in the laser engraving sector.

4. The Marvel of 22W Laser Module Technology

At the heart of the AlgoLaser Alpha 22W's exceptional performance is its advanced second-generation COS technology, which empowers it with a 22W laser module. This technology significantly enhances laser beam performance, offering various advantages:

Smaller Spot Size

COS technology achieves a 40% reduction in spot size compared to regular 20W laser modules. This results in a smaller spot size with a near 1:1 ratio on both low (3%) and high (100%) power settings. The spot size is 0.06mm x 0.05mm at 3% power and 0.16mm x 0.14mm at 100% power. This smaller spot size allows for incredibly detailed and precise engraving and cutting, even on materials that demand high power.

Enrich Your Artwork with 500+ Shades of Color

During the engraving process, Alpha's laser interacts with stainless steel material in a way that creates vibrant and durable colors through oxidation. This unique capability adds an artistic dimension to your projects, enabling your work to stand out with rich, long-lasting colors.

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5. Laser Engraving Machine Cutting Capabilities

The AlgoLaser Alpha 22W is not just an engraver; it's a cutting powerhouse with remarkable capabilities. Its cutting ability sets it apart in terms of efficiency and precision:

Incredible Cutting Ability

The super powerful 22W laser module can handle various material thicknesses for cutting with ease.

For instance, Alpha can cut through 30mm pinewood in just one pass, whereas other machines may require up to four passes to achieve the same result.

One Pass Cutting

Alpha can effortlessly cut materials such as 30mm pine board, 10mm black acrylic, and even 0.1mm stainless steel plate in a single pass. This capability streamlines production and saves valuable time.

Maximum Cutting

The Alpha 22W laser module can tackle a wide range of materials with maximum cutting thicknesses.

It can cut through 45mm black acrylic, 20mm paulownia plank, 12mm MDF, and 20mm white oak with precision and efficiency.

These cutting capabilities make Alpha a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of applications, from intricate crafts to industrial projects. It simplifies the cutting process and ensures outstanding results.

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6. Laser Engraving Machine Motherboard and Firmware Upgrade

A key factor in the AlgoLaser Alpha 22W's impressive performance is its motherboard and firmware. These components play a pivotal role in ensuring the machine's speed, reliability, and functionality:

Dual-Core CPU

Alpha is equipped with a dual-core CPU that delivers a significant speed boost. It achieves an impressive 32% higher CPU performance and a 50% improvement in computing power compared to many other machines. This enhanced computing power enables faster file decoding and smoother operation.

Expanded Storage, Improved Performance

Alpha features 8MB of RAM and 8MB of storage memory, ensuring efficient data processing. Additionally, it comes with a built-in 32GB SD card, providing ample storage for engraving files and future upgrade possibilities.

Support for Upgrades

The AlgoLaser firmware supports upgrades through both over-the-air (OTA) and SD card methods. This flexibility ensures that your AlgoLaser Alpha 22W remains up-to-date and compatible with evolving engraving and cutting technologies.

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7. 10X Faster Engraving Speed

One of the standout features of the AlgoLaser Alpha 22W is its exceptional engraving speed. It offers an impressive 10 times faster actual engraving speed compared to some of its competitors. This speed is a game-changer for both professional and DIY users, significantly reducing project completion times.

10X Faster Actual Engraving Speed

Alpha's superior engraving speed is evident in real-world scenarios. For instance, when engraving an image with a size of 210x280mm in grayscale mode with G-code cluster enabled, Alpha takes just 36 minutes to complete the task. In contrast, other machines may take a staggering 360 minutes to achieve the same result.

Data Authenticity and Reliability

To ensure the authenticity and reliability of its engraving speeds, AlgoLaser provides a link for users to download an engraving file. This transparency allows users to verify the machine's performance against the claimed speed, instilling confidence in its capabilities.

Alpha's unmatched engraving speed opens up new possibilities for quick project turnarounds, making it an invaluable tool for businesses and enthusiasts alike.

8. Linked Use of Laser Engraving Machine and Air Pump

The AlgoLaser Alpha 22W offers seamless integration with a Smart Air Pump, enhancing the engraving experience. This feature optimizes airflow and power settings, providing efficient control for users.

Plug & Play Smart Air Pump

The Smart Air Pump is a plug-and-play accessory that automatically adjusts airflow based on the engraving speed and power settings. This ensures that the engraving process remains precise and efficient.

Direct Control Through Software

Users can control the Smart Air Pump directly through the AlgoLaser APP, LightBurn, and LaserGRBL software. This level of integration simplifies the engraving process and provides finer control over the output.

The linked use of the laser engraving machine and air pump not only enhances the quality of engraving but also ensures that materials are efficiently processed, reducing the risk of scorching or damage.

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9. Alpha Technical Advantages: Engraving Stability and More

The AlgoLaser Alpha 22W has a set of technical advantages contributing to its stability, accuracy, and versatility. These advantages make it a reliable tool for a wide range of applications.

Laser Engraving Stability and Accuracy Guaranteed

Alpha's construction features a heavy-duty metal frame that provides stability and minimizes vibrations during the engraving process.

2 Fixed Limited Switches

To ensure precision and safety, Alpha is equipped with two fixed limited switches that prevent the machine from going beyond its designated boundaries.

Versatile Accessory Family

Alpha offers a range of accessories, including risers, a rotary chuck, and a rotary roller, allowing users to adapt the machine to different tasks and materials. This versatility is invaluable for those with diverse engraving and cutting needs.

APP Function Display for Offline Engraving

Alpha's dedicated app simplifies offline engraving, providing a user-friendly interface and a wide range of customizable parameters. It allows professionals and beginners to take control of their projects and creativity.

Professional and Beginner Modes

The Alpha 22W caters to users with varying levels of expertise. It offers both professional and beginner modes, ensuring that everyone can operate the machine with ease.

Remote Control and Direct Image Import

Users can control the Alpha remotely, providing convenience and flexibility. The direct image import feature allows for easy integration of designs.

Extensive Font Selection and Built-In Drawing Tools

Alpha includes an extensive library of fonts and built-in drawing tools, empowering users to customize their designs and add artistic elements.

Template Library and Easy Batch Customization

The template library simplifies the design process by offering pre-designed templates for various applications. Users can easily customize these templates for their specific needs.

Parameters for 120+ Materials

Alpha provides preset parameters for over 120 different materials, making it effortless to select the ideal settings for a wide range of engraving and cutting tasks.

The technical advantages of the Alpha 22W ensure that it is not just a powerful machine but also a versatile and user-friendly tool that adapts to the unique requirements of each user.

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10. Refining Every Detail: Precision and Perfection

The AlgoLaser Alpha 22W leaves no room for compromise when it comes to precision and detail. It incorporates features that refine every aspect of the engraving process:

Magnetic and Detachable Laser Metal Cover

The laser metal cover is designed to be magnetic and detachable. This feature simplifies cleaning and maintenance and allows users to focus on deeper cuts without the cover obstructing the laser.

Laser Protective Lens Integrated within Air Assist Nozzle

Alpha incorporates a laser protective lens within the air assist nozzle, effectively safeguarding the laser and prolonging its service life. This added protection ensures the longevity of the machine and maintains the quality of the engravings.

Semi-Automatic Focus

The semi-automatic focus simplifies the process of achieving the ideal focus point. This feature makes it more accessible for users of all levels of expertise.

Dual-Side Fixture Structure

Alpha's dual-side fixture structure enhances stability during engraving. This structure changes the point of contact from a single dot to a complete surface, allowing for heavier workpieces to be processed with fewer zigzags and deviations during engraving.

11. Safety Protections

Safety is a top priority in the design of the AlgoLaser Alpha 22W. It incorporates several protective measures to ensure the safety of both the machine and the operator:

Machine Offset Detection and Protection

Alpha includes machine offset detection and protection mechanisms to prevent accidents and ensure that the machine operates within its designated boundaries.

Machine Tilt Detection and Protection

To safeguard against tilting and potential damage, Alpha features machine tilt detection and protection systems.

USB Connection Detection and Protection

The USB connection detection and protection system ensures that data transmission is stable and secure, reducing the risk of data corruption or loss during engraving.

Beam Detection and Protection

Alpha's beam detection and protection mechanism provides an additional layer of safety, ensuring that the laser functions as intended and preventing unintended emissions.

Current and Voltage Detection and Protection

To prevent electrical issues, Alpha includes current and voltage detection and protection mechanisms, ensuring that the machine operates within safe parameters.

Emergency Stop Switch

The emergency stop switch allows for immediate cessation of the machine's operation in case of an emergency, providing an added layer of safety and control.

Key Lock

Alpha can be locked with a key, ensuring that only authorized users can operate the machine and access its functions. This feature is particularly important in educational and commercial settings.

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The AlgoLaser Alpha 22W Diode Laser Engraver is a testament to cutting-edge technology, precision, and versatility in the world of laser engraving. Its unique selling points, technical advantages, and safety protections make it a standout choice for both professional engravers and DIY enthusiasts. Its 22W laser module technology, second-generation COS technology, and fast engraving speeds set it apart as a cutting monster capable of handling diverse engraving and cutting jobs with finesse.

Whether you are an artist looking to add vibrant colors to your creations, a professional seeking efficient and precise engraving, or a DIY enthusiast embarking on creative projects, the AlgoLaser Alpha 22W caters to a wide spectrum of needs. Its user-friendly design and extensive technical features ensure that it remains a top choice in the laser engraving market.