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AlgoLaser Smart Air Assist for Laser EngraverAlgoLaser Smart Air Assist for Laser Engraver
AAP for 20WAAP for 10WAAP for 5W+nozzle
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AlgoLaser Smart Air Assist for Laser Engraver

Your Must-have Partner for Laser Engraving machine

More height, More possibilities

It can elevate the engraving machine's height by 100mm, enabling the engraving of taller objects like skateboards and wood.

Extend Module's Lifespan

Exceptional cooling to prevent module overheating.

Optical Lens Cleaning

Ensuring the laser beam maintains clarity and stability.

Stable and Anti-slip

Ensure the safety and stability of your engraving process.

AirfIow Assist Engraving and Cutting 

Optimizing the processing, cleaner surface and smooth edge

No Air Assist

With Air Assist

Adjustable Airflow from 0-30L/min

Stability and Reliability

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