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AlgoLaser Smart Enclosure for All Laser Engraving MachinesAlgoLaser Smart Enclosure for All Laser Engraving Machines


The included smart hub is a necessary tool for using the smart enclosure and smart air pump at the same time.

For most DIY KIT 5W/10W users that haven't use smart air pump can choose the enclosure only.

Enclosure+Smart HubEnclosure Only
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Foldable and Smoke-proof Laser Engraver Enclosure

Inner to Outer Protection

Work and create in a safer way.

Foldable and Portable

Easily assembled and disassembled for quick and flexible use.

Open the Protective Box

Installation of Pipes

Install the Enclosure Cover

Large Space for Wide Application

Suitable for machines with Universal Raisers, RR2 and ARC and is compatible with most frame laser engravers.

High-performance Ventilation

Smart Integarted Management

Automatic intelligent control of fans and lights with softwares.

Product Dimension

Product Dimension

Convenient lnstallation

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What are the specifications for the smoke exhaust pipe? What if I need a longer pipe?

The pipe is with inner diameter of 75mm, outer diameter of 81mm and tension length from 0.1m to 1m. If you require a longer pipe, we suggest purchasing a new pipe with the inner diameter of 75mm.

2. What is the purpose of the metal wire mesh on the left side? Will smoke escape from the metal wire mesh?

The wire mesh on the left side serves as the air inlet. When the fan is turned on, it creates a directional airflow from left to right, resulting in a more effective smoke exhaust.

Therefore, when using the Smart Enclosure, be sure to turn on the fan to avoid smoke leakage.

3. How do I use the enclosure, what’s the right order?

Please follow the instructions in the Smart Enclosure Manual to complete the operation.

Method 1: First, place the Enclosure on your work table, then put the engraver machine in, and finally connect the cables.

Method 2: First, place the engraver machine on your work table, then place the Enclosure from the top to cover the laser machine, and finally connect the cable.

4. It seems that the Enclosure Cover fit not so tightly with the Enclosure. Will the smoke escape?

There is a 1cm gap between the cover and the enclosure. But please rest assured that the smoke will be quickly removed, so there won’t be any smoke leakage. 

User Manuals

AlgoLaser Enclosure - Quick Start Guide (EN)


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