Announcement:Certificate of Authorization for Laser Tech

AlgoLaser authorization certificate content

This is to certify that Laser Tech is hereby authorized as the Exclusive Distributor of AlgoLaser products. The authorization encompasses the following details:

Company: Laser Tech

Address: Tesanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The authorized distributor is granted the right to Exclusively sell and distribute Algolaser Alpha and sell and distribute other AlgoLaser products within the designated region.

This authorization is valid from [ January 3rd 2024 ] to [ January 2nd 2025].

During this period, the distributor has rights to market and sell and provide aftersales support for AlgoLaser products in the specified territory.

The distributor is expected to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in our distributior agreement. Failure to adhere to these terms may result in the termination of this authorization.

Shenzhe Algo Technologies Co.Ltd.

Founder: Justin Tan

Shenzhen Algo Technologies Co., Ltd.

Address: 5th Floor Building E5, Juyin Technology lndustrial Park, Ganli Road. Longgang District,

Shenzhen 51816 China 

Website:; TEL:0755-28997576