Learn About AlgoLaser Laser Engraver Accessories

1. Can I upgrade my DIY KIT from 5W or 10W to 20W?

Yes, our universal 20W laser module is compatible with our DIY KIT Series machines, Alpha 10W, 22W and 

Delta 22W. All needed accessory to support the upgrade will be included in the package.   

2. Do I need to use Air pump when upgraded to 20W laser module?

Yes, we strongly recommend applying air pump while using 20W laser module. It will elevate the performance of the engraving and prolong the lifetime of the module.

3. What's the size of the enclosure?

The height is 39.5cm, the length of the x-axis direction is 73cm, and the length of the y-axis direction is 83cm. 

4. What models can this enclosure fit?

The enclosure fit all AlgoLaser machines, except the extensions, and most gantry diode laser engravers on the market.

5. Why do I need to use the Air Assist?

The benefits of AlgoLaser Smart Air Assist are:

1. Exceptional cooling to prevent module overheating.

2. Ensuring the laser beam maintains clarity and stability.

3. Optimizing the processing, cleaner surface and smooth edge.