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AlgoLaser Delta Mechanical Frame

Optical Power


Machine Power


Power Supply


Maximum Engraving Speed

30,000 mm/min

Maximum Motion Speed

50,000 mm/min

Spot Size

 0.16*0.14mm 100% Power

0.06*0.05mm 3% Power

Product Size


Product Weight


Laser Head Life Expectancy

>8000 hours




12 Months

Safety Features

Active Power-Out detection and protection

Laser Over-Exposure Time Limit

USB disconnect shutdown

Emergency stop button

Gyroscope detection

Motherboard over-temperature protection

Software and Connection

System Supported

Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Web-based

Control Software

AlgoLaser App / LightBurn/LaserGRBL

Compatible Accessories

22W laser module, Motorized Z-axis, Engraving Platform,

Fireproof Box, Rotary Chuck, Rotary Roller

File Format Supported

JPG, SVG, PNG, BMP, G-code, CAD, AI, CDR, DWG, etc.

Cutting performance

Best One-Pass Cutting Material and Thickness

10mm Birch Plywood

12mm Basswood Plywood

5mm Eucalyptus plywood

30mm Pine Board

15mm Paulownia Plank

10mm White Oak

5mm MDF

10mm Black Acrylic

3mm Yellow Acrylic

5mm Red Acrylic

3mm Gray Cardboard

0.17mm Stainless Steel Plate

10mm Bamboo

Max Cutting Thickness

12mm Birch Plywood / 3

20mm Basswood Plywood / 15

15mm Eucalyptus plywood / 6

20mm Paulownia Plank / 3

45mm Black Acrylic / 15

8mm Green Acrylic / 6

10mm Red Acrylic / 6

12mm MDF / 6

6mm Gray Cardboard / 2

20mm White Oak / 5


Box Size


Net Weight

5.00kg - 11 Pounds

Gross Weight

6.50kg - 14.3 Pounds

Laser Head - AlgoLaser 20W - LB-20D

Laser Module Size

132mm x 63mm x 60mm

Laser Module Weight

750grams - 1.6 Pounds

Optical Power Output

19.5 to 22W, Average 20W

Acceptable Power Output Variation +5%

Laser Output Wavelenght

445nm (+-5nm)

Focal Distance:

55 mm

From Module Radiator to Material

Spot Size

At 3% power: X 0.06mm - Y 0.05mm

At 100% power: X 0.16mm - Y 0.14mm

Click HERE to understand how Spot Size is tested

Spot Shape


Operating Frequency


Operating Temperature:

-10ºC - +40º | 14ºF - 104ºF

Multiple Optical Lens Assembly

Diodes Input Voltage

8.60 Volts

Diodes Inpute Current

3.8 Amps

Harness Specification

Data Line 4x 26AWG - 0.14 (mm2 cross-sectional area)

Laser Line 4x 22AWG - 0.34 (mm2 cross-sectional area)

Connectors Type

Data Line - PHB 2.0 4Pin

Laser Line -

Life Expectancy

>10,000 Hours

Optical Lense Material

Professional focusing optical glass (quartz glass)

Multiple Optical Lens Assembly