AlgoLaser’s Illuminating Journey at the 2024 Amsterdam National Print Show

In the bustling heart of Amsterdam, from March 19 to 22, 2024, the Amsterdam National Print Exhibition unfurled as a canvas of innovation and creativity, drawing the globe's print and signage aficionados. AlgoLaser, at the forefront of laser engraving technology, embarked on a transformative expedition at this prestigious event, a journey marked by discovery, connection, and the unveiling of cutting-edge possibilities in laser engraving. We delve into AlgoLaser's remarkable experience at the exhibition, exploring the synergy between innovation and sustainability that defines the future of printing.

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2024 Amsterdam National Print Exhibition: A Spectrum of Innovation

The 2024 edition of the Amsterdam National Print Exhibition was a landmark event, attracting leaders from across the world to showcase advancements that are set to redefine industry standards.

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Highlights of the Exhibition

FESPA Party Night at SupperClub

A pivotal evening of networking, showcasing the vibrant community spirit of the print and signage industry.

Sustainability Spotlight

A dedicated segment offering actionable insights for businesses eager to embrace eco-friendly practices.

World Wrap Masters Europe 2024

A celebration of talent in wrapping, featuring workshops and competitions that highlight global expertise.

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European Sign Expo

An expansive showcase of the latest in signage, catering to a diverse range of professional needs.

Sportswear Pro

Focusing on the nexus of sportswear manufacturing and sustainability, showcasing the latest in technology and design.

Personalization Experience

Highlighting the boundless possibilities of personalization in printing, with a focus on one-off items and enhancing product offerings.

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FESPA 2023: Laying the Groundwork for Success

The success and vibrancy of the 2024 exhibition were built on the solid foundation of FESPA 2023's achievements, marked by:

Global Attendance

Drawing 14,776 unique visitors from 134 countries, demonstrating the exhibition's international appeal.

Decision Makers

With 84% of visitors in decision-making roles, the event was a hotspot for industry-shaping conversations.

Investment Ready

Half of the attendees were prepared to make purchases, highlighting the exhibition's role in driving technological adoption.

AlgoLaser’s Experience: Shaping the Future of Printing

Amidst the whirlwind of innovation, AlgoLaser carved out a space of influence and inspiration, showcasing the profound impact of laser engraving technology in the printing industry.

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The Laser Engraving Revolution

AlgoLaser's laser engraver was a testament to the power and potential of laser engraving. Demonstrations of their state-of-the-art laser engraver provided vivid insights into the technology's precision, efficiency, and versatility.

Advantages of Laser Engraving

Precision and Detail

Laser engraving allows for intricate designs and exceptional detail, surpassing traditional engraving methods.

Material Versatility

Capable of engraving a wide array of materials, laser engraver meet diverse industry needs, from promotional items to bespoke signage.


With a lower carbon footprint and reduced waste production, laser engraving aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly manufacturing processes.


The ability to easily customize designs caters to the rising trend of personalized products, offering businesses new avenues for growth.