AlgoLaser MK2 Laser Engraver

How to Use Engraving Software

Caution: Always check the machine before using

1) First, ensure that the device has booted up correctly. After powering on, the device should automatically return to the bottom left position.

2) If the boot process is not normal, refer to the FAQ (A1Booting Abnormal Solution) to troubleshoot the issue.

3) Ensure that the USB cable is securely connected to both the motherboard and the computer.

I. Presentation of different software

LaserGRBL: A free program for Windows only, designed to engrave simple images.

Lightburn: A paid program for WINDOWS and Mac, Linux for more complex work of design and adjustment of the image.

Algolaser: An APP developed by ALgolaser. It runs on IOS and Android to provide you with a more convenient laser engraving and cutting experience.

Tips: If your computer system is Win7 & 8, you will need to refer to this video to install the driver.

How to install the dreiver on Win7&8

Download official website:



Algolaser: AlgoLaser App | Algolaser or Google play store

II. If you want to make a quick piece and feel the fun and power of laser engraver. Here goes some tutorials. It allows you to complete a simple piece in a few easy steps.

a. Alpha:

a) How to Connect AlgoLaser Alpha with Lightburn to Engraving and Cutting

b) How to connect LaserGRBL with Alpha | Alpha Tutorial - YouTube

b. Delta

a) How to Connect Algolaser Delta with Delta

b) How to Connect AlgoLaser Delta with Lightburn


a) How to connect LightBurn with DIY KIT

b) How to connect LaserGRBL with DIY KIT

III. If you want to learn all the features of the software in a systematic way, including the advantages and disadvantages of different settings, all the functions of each tool area, etc., we recommend tutorials from the official website and from some high-quality video creators.

Official Teaching:



Some quality instructional videos from the YouTube channel: