Rotary Roller (RR2) and Universal Raisers in Laser Engraving

Laser engraving machines have become an indispensable tool for creating complex and precise designs on a varied range of materials. The role of the AlgoLaser Rotary Roller (RR2) and AlgoLaser Universal Raisers 1.0 in expanding these capabilities is fundamental. We will delve into how these tools help in engraving on multiple surfaces, even those with irregular shapes or extended lengths.

AlgoLaser Rotary Roller (RR2): The Best Mate for Laser Engravers

The RR2, or second-generation Rotary Roller, has become a reliable companion for laser engravers. Thanks to its innovative design and capabilities, it opens newfound possibilities and strategically assists in expanding what one can achieve with an engraving machine.

Rotary RollerBest Laser Engraver Mate

Expanding Capabilities, Achieving Possibilities

The RR2 is an invaluable addition to laser engravers aiming for practical versatility. Its structure enables it to support an extensive array of cylindrical items, making it an essential tool for businesses looking to engrave on diverse objects. In this regard, its proficiency extends to columns with a diameter of 1-150mm, goblets from 1-100mm, and rod-shaped items from 1-150mm.

Expand Capabilities, Achieve Possibilities

Accuracy and Efficiency: The Hallmarks of RR2

The RR2 isn't just versatile - it's efficient and incredibly precise. With the best engraving speed of up to 3000mm/min and roller travel of 0-60mm, it ensures quick and accurate engraving. RR2’s 0.35° precision control guarantees that even the smallest engraving details are captured immaculately.

Accuracy and Efficiency: The Hallmarks of RR2

Adaptable to Various Sizes with Height-Adjustable Bracket

The RR2 also boasts size adaptability. With seven gear choices to change the active roller’s width and a height-adjustable bracket, it caters to differently-shaped items effortlessly. The bracket keeps irregular, extra-long items stable and horizontally aligned, enhancing engraving precision.

Adaptable to Various Sizes with Height-Adjustable Bracket

Inverted RR2: Engraving Longer Items

In an innovative twist, even when inverted, the RR2 can facilitate engraving on items up to 135 centimeters in length. With such flexibility, businesses can venture into projects that previously seemed unattainable due to size restrictions.

Engraving with Inverted RR2

Safety and Compatibility of RR2

RR2 emphasizes safety in its construction. It features a durable base made from aluminum and ABS, a body that dissipates heat to avoid overheating, and silicone rollers for greater stability.

Moreover, RR2 works seamlessly with various software, including Lightburn, LaserGRBL, and the AlgoLaser App. It's also compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS, Linux, and around 95% of engraving machines out there.

Pre-assembled with easy instructions to start the machine, RR2 even simplifies the connection process with its step-by-step guide for connecting a laser engraver.

Safety and Compatibility of RR2

AlgoLaser Universal Raisers 1.0: Heightening the Potential

The AlgoLaser Universal Raisers 1.0 complements the RR2 by empowering engravers to work on taller objects, opening new possibilities. By raising the engraving machine’s height by 100mm, it accommodates engraving on towering items such as skateboards and wooden objects.

AlgoLaser Universal Raisers 01

Ensuring Stability and Anti-Slip Features

The Universal Raisers 1.0 ensure a safe and stable engraving process irrespective of the height or nature of the object. Its non-slip bottom surface of contact and galvanized steel post-screw connection add to stability, ensuring smooth engraving without unwanted movements.

AlgoLaser Universal Raisers_02

Easy Installation and Adaptation with Delta & DIY KIT

Universal Raisers 1.0 have been designed for effortless installation. They perfectly adapt to laser engraving machines using a straightforward 4-step process to install with Delta & DIY KIT that involves removing the original support feet, affixing them to the underside of Universal Raisers, and turning the machine over to finish the process. For Alpha Installation, all it takes is to turn the machine over and tighten the screws to complete the setup.

Delta & DIY KIT Installation:

1. Remove the original support feet.

2. Install the universal raisers.

3. Affix the original support feet to the underside of the Universal Raisers.

4. Turn the machine over and finish the installation.

Alpha Installation:

1. Turn the machine over and tighten the screws.

2. Installation is complete.

Easy Installation and Adaptation with Delta & DIY KIT


The AlgoLaser Rotary Roller (RR2) and Universal Raisers 1.0 have redefined the functionalities of laser engraving machines. With these, businesses can explore expansive possibilities, manage efficient engraving, and ensure precise detail capture, all while engraving on a remarkably diverse range of materials. Their future in the field of laser engraving looks promising, with more potential expansions on the horizon.

AlgoLaser Universal Raisers_03