Mac Connection Method Check

Note: Currently Mac connects to Lightburn, some problems may occur.

1. Mac laptop, usb port, can only be recognised by the software once, again recognised need to be re-plugged.

2. MacOS startup sequence is related to this

Power on the machine to bring it back to its initial state

Plug in the USB

Then start Lightburn

LaserChannel -> There is a drop down menu in front of the device button.

Is cu.usbmodemxxxxxx listed?

You should see a welcome message in the console.

3. It is quiet a common issue, specially if you have a M1 chip or latest OS

TLDR: Get a dumb USBa to USBC hub, like the cheapest you can get to fix it

Long version.

WIth M1 and post M1 OS’s on mobile devices (laptops/tablets) apple in its infinite wisdome added security features for external devices.

This means, although is my findings and not official, Mac will try to handshake ALWYAS from top to bottom in prottocols USB 3.1 3.0 2.0 etc based on wiring on USB.

Most devices although they have USBC ports are not usbC they are USB 2.0 devices. meaning macOs will block them because 3.0 handshake fails.

By using hub, you force 2.0 protocol and it always works!