Algolaser Maker Story: 

How Shannye combine her hobby with business by AlgoLaser Alpha Laser

How Shannye combine her hobby with business by AlgoLaser Alpha Laser

Wondering how laser machine can benefit small businesses? Let's explore Shannye's experience of turning her hobby into a successful venture with the AlgoLaser Alpha. Discover the perfect blend of passion and entrepreneurship!

Hi, I'm Cheyenne, I am the maker and founder behind my small business so a little bit about myself um I am a wife.

I've been with my husband since 2015, we got married last year. We have two kids who also really love being outdoors, and then we have a dog as well, I am also um huge into crafting. I have been my whole life when I was a kid in school.

When it was recess time, I wasn't out playing I was doing art, but I started picking up tools. When my first child was born, after that, I was handed a scroll saw machine. I started playing around and making some house signs with it, which became my passion and quickly realized how much I loved it. Then my husband not long after that had post posted on, like a community. Post in our neighborhood of somebody looking for some signage, and said my wife can do that, I had never done it in my life. I was stressed out, but I made it.

A cool sign for them, and I was proud of it, and is where my passion has blossomed and since then I have grown a full shop of tools. I've grown my confidence, I am building Furniture, and my business's main sellers are small building furniture is takes those out of hardwood sometimes, some other materials, and Media. If you like, you want to be experimental.

We really focus on brand awareness, so being able to create something really fun and unique that matches your personal style. And alongside all of that my long-term goal is always to find a way to either add more mediums into my work, so being able to add acrylic. You really need like a good laser engraver for that, being able to add depth to my signs. So I've got my CNC back there, at one point I was searching for a laser engraving machine that could fit in my shop.

My shop is very small, I have a lot of tools that are rotating. Space in here, based on what projects I'm working on, and so I'm limited in what I can fit in here. When I was on my search for that perfect laser. I really required it to be able to be mobile, be small but also be able to be profitable, the AlgoLaser laser engraver that I have.

In my shop now, I have built it up on a stand that I can actually take it off and move it if I needed to, it is. In fact very powerful, I was pleasantly surprised and shocked at how it was much more powerful than I expected.

Honestly, it's become one of my favorite, tools in the shop still of my scroll saw. I still up my CNC but with the laser engraver, there's so much that I can do when I got the laser engraver I was more looking at.

Following through with my plan for seasonal items promotional items how I can get those different Meats into my sign work, and I am, but what I didn't expect from it was that when I need something in the shop some sort of improvement some sort of organization.

I can whip that up really quick when I use my own files, I use my iPad actually I don't use anything fancy. I use Adobe Illustrator, I draw what I want, and then I export it to an SVG . Furthermore, I load it into my computer and I press play, and it does the job so it's incredibly user-friendly easy to learn. It's been a great asset to my shop ......