AlgoLaser MK2 Laser Engraver

Guide to Learn AlgoLaser App

This article describes the AlgoLaser APP Easy Mode, which aims to assist users in comprehending the functions of different parts of the AlgoLaser APP and completing engraving and cutting projects with ease.

To make it easier to get started, this article presents the user interface in a clear and logical way, following the color box and title background.

Guide to Learn AlgoLaser App 1

APP Setting Center

Machine Configuration

Engraving Setting

Control Function

Engraving Track Record

Guide to Learn AlgoLaser App 2

APP Setting Center

Operation Mode

The mode can be switched to either Pro or Simple mode. Pro mode offers additional functions, suitable for professional users who use it frequently..


Language (13global languages supported)

Boot Management

(Recommended to be turned on to provide guidance for user alerts)


Functional interface settings (no changes recommended)

Software Update

Upgrade to the latest version of the app through this option.


Some information about the APP

Guide to Learn AlgoLaser App 4

Machine Configuration

(Please refer to the FAQ ‘how to connect WiFi via APP ’for details)

Machine Information:Size of engraving area, Firmware version, Laser module information.

Processing type:The default is XYZ processing, which can be replaced with YRR or YRC processing types. (Remember to revert to XYZ after using the latter two types)

Engraving Information:Size of engraving area (Unchangeable),

Laser Mode (The modification does not alter the power level, but only updates the recommended parameter table.)

File Management:The files stored in the machine's SD card can be viewed and managed.

Settings Menu

Machine Setting (Professional users may refer to the description for modifications)

Detailed Information (Information on machine manufacturing and firmware)

Firmware Upgrade (This function is to upgrade to the latest firmware.

Guide to Learn AlgoLaser App 5

Engraving Setting

The engraving content is typically an image or a file in a specific format, such as G-code or NC. This can be obtained online or created on a computer. (Instructions on how to create a G-code is provided below)

The way to make G-code with Lightburn

Guide to Learn AlgoLaser App 6

Engraving source: The app provides a library of materials, mobile albums, and mobile files.

DIY design: Text, pattern

QR code, barcode, and jigsaw making functions

Guide to Learn AlgoLaser App 7

Take “Text” as an example

Choose ‘Text’ -> In ‘Text editing’ interface, the three option below offer different text styles.

Guide to Learn AlgoLaser App 8

Preview Interface: Adjustment of Engraving Pattern

Engraving position: You can manually move to the position corresponding to the coordinates.

Adjusting the size of the engraving content

The calibration icon circled helps to preview the engraving area in laser engraver machine.

Configure Interface: Adjustment of Laser Parameters
Guide to Learn AlgoLaser App 9


Please choose ‘Scan’ for engraving;

Please choose ‘Vector’ for cutting. (Select Contour, Filling, Centerline)


This indicates the fineness of engraving per unit area.

Please adjust the height according to the picture. If the height is too low, there will be gaps, and if it is too high, there will be excessive burning.


The default X direction is generally not changed, which ensures engraving stability.

Adjustmer of Laser Power:

Adjust the laser power, speed, and frequency of engraving tasks.

Control Interface: Adjustment of Working Processing
Guide to Learn AlgoLaser App 10

The position of Laser module and the status of Machine

Movement of Machine

Movement distance

Unlock, Cancel, Reset

(For alert)

Laser power testing

Fan and light are not available at this moment