Roche-la-Molière: Crafting Personalized Gifts with a Laser Engraver

Alexandre Teixeira created his microenterprise MLT Créations

Alexandre Teixeira incorporated the initials of his daughters to give a name to his business: MLT Créations. The Roche-la-Molière native established this venture a year and a half ago. It was the Christmas market organized by the parents of Saint-Julien school students that propelled the official creation. Alexandre, who always had a passion for tinkering with wood, crafting small furniture, initially satisfied himself by creating personalized items for friends and family. "There came a point when friends encouraged us a bit," explained Alexandre Teixeira and his wife Audrey.

Being part of the parent-teacher association, they decided to showcase their creations at the school's first Christmas market. To set up a stall, they needed a SIRET number. Thus, they began the process of setting up a micro-enterprise. "Fifteen days before, we got the SIRET, leaving little time for Alexandre's creations," said Audrey. Nonetheless, he managed to produce various gift items, including many Christmas baubles.

Since then, Alexandre has embraced entrepreneurship alongside his job in construction. He relies heavily on social networks, word-of-mouth, and his circle of friends (he is a member of the Rouchon Polonia football club) for publicity. Additionally, he showcases his products at his sister-in-law's hair salon in Firminy.

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A Wide Range of Affordable Gifts for All Ages

His creations span a wide range, offering affordable gifts for all ages. From cheese platters to personalized frames, bottle openers, magnets, door signs, humorous items, and themed gift boxes, everything is 100% customizable, including the writing, colors, and designs, on various materials such as wood, glass, and slate.

"We can do custom-made items," Alexandre explains, emphasizing his collaborative approach with clients. For instance, he crafted a map of Réunion Island adorned with its symbols or two oversized glasses for a 50th wedding anniversary.

The artisan begins by designing projects on a computer, creating drawings, letters, and shapes, which are then sent to the laser engraving machine for wood cutting. He works with two machines lent by companies, providing feedback akin to an influencer. The laser engraver cuts and engraves, after which Alexandre assembles, decorates, varnishes, sands, and paints the items.

In the upcoming days, he plans to prepare gifts for Mother's Day and Grandmother's Day, showcasing his dedication to crafting personalized items for various occasions.

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image credit: AlgoLaser Official User Group - Facebook