Algolaser Maker Story: 

How Mike started the business with AlgoLaser Delta

Algolaser Maker Story: How Mike started the business with AlgoLaser Delta

Wondering how laser engraving machine can benefit small businesses? Let's explore Mike's experience of turning his hobby into a successful venture with the AlgoLaser Delta. Discover the perfect blend of passion and entrepreneurship!

Hi, my name is Mike, and I own and operate Broken Le Woodworks, based in North Carolina. I consider myself a maker, as well as a father, husband, brother, son, and uncle. I firmly believe in the mindset that anything is achievable if you set your mind to it.

I built most of this workshop myself, except for its frame. I handled all the electrical and HVAC installations because I have been a heating and air conditioning contractor for the past 30 years.

I've always been a tinkerer. Back in the fifth grade, during the early '80s, my friends and I would dismantle TVs to extract circuit boards and create speakers, imagining we were communicating with aliens, especially since "E.T." was popular at that time. Then, in eighth grade, I explored woodworking, creating bookshelves, benches, and signs, and also worked with small engines. After high school, I initially wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement as a detective, but I wasn't keen on extensive formal education. Wanting to start working immediately, I entered the heating and air conditioning industry, where I've remained for 30 years.

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I've been making and building things in my workshop for over 20 years, though I've only been recording and officially in business for a few years. I acquired my first laser engraver about two years ago, a simple 5-watt machine that quickly became obsolete as technology rapidly advanced. Recently, I upgraded to the AlgoLaser Delta, a 22-watt laser engraver, which has significantly improved my work. My wife and I used it to create ornaments featuring the state of North Carolina with detailed communities engraved within them. I've successfully made and sold about a hundred of these.

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What I appreciate most about the AlgoLaser is its user-friendly features, such as the touchscreen display, adjustable gantry with a simple lever, and safety features that protect my children from the laser while they're in the shop. It offers versatile control options, including USB, WiFi, and precise positioning capabilities.

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My workshop spans 1,220 square feet and includes a dedicated laser room where the AlgoLaser resides. Living on a 40-acre property provides a peaceful and quiet environment for my family and me, allowing us to appreciate the simpler aspects of life during the weekends.

In summary, I'm passionate about making and creating, always eager to push the limits of my craft. I hope this gives you a glimpse into who I am and what I do. Thank you for your interest.